Corporate/School Talks and Events

We are happy to offer complementary on-site and online services to your people.

Postural Analysis and Ergonomic Assessment

A postural assessment is used to analyze a person’s static posture and alignment. This enables our chiropractors to examine your overall alignment or to look for any abnormalities and imbalances, and then to assess how they are affecting the way the joints and muscles work together. This in turn allows our professionals to determine how they are affecting your body is moving and functioning. It can be used to investigate a person’s complaints of pain or discomfort. Whether or not the person is in pain, it’s still critical to identify and address any problems that are brought to light.

Scoliosis Screening for kids and students

Early detection of scoliosis is crucial if you wish to stop its growth and lessen the severity of the symptoms. Scoliosis screenings are designed to find the tiny malformations that general practitioners frequently miss but which could indicate a probable curvature of the spine. Family doctors rarely perform routine scoliosis exams, so signs are frequently ignored until the curve becomes more obvious or the patient begins to feel pain—a situation that might have been averted with early detection. It is more challenging to correct the curvature if the patient’s spinal curve grows to 40 degrees or greater. 

Health talks

We offer free healthcare seminars on numerous topics both in-person and online that are tailored to your corporate setting. 

Our seminars cover a wide range of subjects, including spinal health and Chiropractic care, gut health, chronic disease prevention and management, neuro-musculoskeletal conditions prevention and pain management, diet and nutrition. You can get in touch with us as well for more details or specific requirements.